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Little Fort Software

We offer consulting and programming services for software development projects, with a specialization in full-stack .NET development. We deliver intuitive technology solutions for both public and private sector organizations.

Our Services

We offer a variety of development services that can benefit everything from a small independent shop to a multinational enterprise.

Our Services

.NET Development

We specialize in .NET development, covering Windows Forms, Classic ASP, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET Core.

Web Applications

Whether your project is a small web app, or a full-featured SaaS product, we can make it work.

SQL Server


Every application needs database support, and we specialize in developing and configuring the right SQL Server integrations.


If your product needs to be exposed via an API or needs to consume a third-party API, we have the experience needed to make it happen.

Legacy Support

Need help with an established product instead of a new one? We are well equipped to troubleshooting and maintaining legacy systems so you don't have to.

Open Consulting

Not sure what you need? Want to get pointed in the right direction? Just looking to ask questions? We love writing code, but we're always open to just advising, too.

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